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Inspirational | February 16, 2012

Uplifting motivational track with a long, gradual ascension. Driven by piano, strings, a strong beat and synth elements. Oozes with confidence and optimism.

Inspirational | November 8, 2011

An upbeat and inspirational track for pop orchestra. Featuring piano, organ. guitar, drums, bells, strings.

Inspirational | March 11, 2011

An upbeat and sometimes quirky piece about breaking down barriers and achieving your goals. Features beautiful piano, orchestra and strings, and drum kit/drum set. Meant to be uplifting and inspiring for trailers and promos.

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Inspirational | March 29, 2012

Beautiful, lush, and inspirational orchestral piece driven by rolling piano and a catchy melody. Very upbeat, but also perfect for heartfelt subject matter.

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Inspirational | April 23, 2012

An upbeat tune sure to put you into a good mood. Features piano with delay (echo), guitar, clap track, glock, bells, strings, drum set, and marimba.

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Inspirational | July 6, 2012

"Will to Succeed" is an inspirational, uplifting, and uptempo orchestral rock tune perfect for conveying a positive and hopeful outlook.It features piano, electric distorted guitar, orchestral strings, drums as well as synth and bells.

Inspirational | September 24, 2012

Soaring and inspirational orchestral and electro rock. Features a long rise to an exciting climax.

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Inspirational | January 18, 2013

High End is a fun, unique, and inspirational track that starts with a catchy piano and strings motif but ends with an over the top, fulfilling climax.