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Inspirational | January 18, 2013

High End is a fun, unique, and inspirational track that starts with a catchy piano and strings motif but ends with an over the top, fulfilling climax.

  Taking Flight     Purchase on iTunes    
Cinematic | January 30, 2013

Taking Flight is a beautiful, quirky, and inspirational track that immediately draws you in with its unique melody before it builds to an exciting climax. Perfect for corporate, tech, software, trailers and more.

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Inspirational | June 28, 2013

Innovating Today is an upbeat tech/corporate inspirational track great for the background of technology or innovation related videos.

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Inspirational | November 5, 2012

'Modern Technology' is an ear grabbing corporate/tech track made for the purpose of making an impression. In today's world every advantage is needed to be set apart, and 'Modern Technology' does just that.

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Inspirational | October 2, 2012

Enter a world where anything is possible! Such is the case with 'Endless Possibilites' a magical corporate/tech track with a colorful beat. Driven by pizzicato strings, woodwinds, and bells or celeste.

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Inspirational | September 5, 2013

Clear, modern, minimal orchestral music in the style often heard in todays commercials and online product demonstrations and introductions. Perfect for tech, apps, websites and any other media needing a catchy and contemporary sound.

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Inspirational | March 1, 2012

A positive, inspiring piece of music. Anything is possible. Piano, bells, drums, guitar, violin, viola, strings.

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Inspirational | September 18, 2014

'Miracle of Technology' is a warm corporate/motivational track that uses a variety of acoustic instruments to achieve a unique and interesting feel. Instruments include: piano, celeste, glock, ukulele, harp, marimba, guitar, and pizzicato strings.