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Inspirational | April 2, 2013

"No Barriers" is an uplifting track that begins soft and sweet but builds up to a dramatic climax. Features piano, electric guitar, and orchestral strings.

Inspirational | March 26, 2013

'Beyond Imagination' is an upbeat, positive track that has all the elements needed to get your audience's attention and your message delivered.

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Inspirational | March 13, 2013

A warm, uplifting, and emotional inspirational and corporate track led by guitar harmonics and rich strings.

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Inspirational | March 10, 2013

Fun and quirky tune with cello, bells, piano and orchestra. Useful in advertising, games, and videos etc

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Inspirational | January 18, 2013

High End is a fun, unique, and inspirational track that starts with a catchy piano and strings motif but ends with an over the top, fulfilling climax.

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Inspirational | January 8, 2013

Inspirational track led by a beautiful piano performance. Guitar, bass and drum kit give it a modern feel along with synth and strings.

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Inspirational | November 30, 2012

Easy going corporate track with catchy guitar harmonics and beautiful piano.

Building Success is a positive and motivational track that brings images of teamwork, positivity, and success. This track would be ideal for any business related venture looking for an uplifting and inspirational corporate theme. The piece gradually builds on top of itself until it reaches the climax. The original piano theme ends the track.