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    A Sign of Things to Come   Purchase on iTunes    
Piano | January 13, 2012

A haunting and beautiful piece for solo piano that slowly builds in intensity and complexity. A perfect piece of music to help inspire an emotional reaction.

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Inspirational | March 11, 2011

An upbeat and sometimes quirky piece about breaking down barriers and achieving your goals. Features beautiful piano, orchestra and strings, and drum kit/drum set. Meant to be uplifting and inspiring for trailers and promos.

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Inspirational | March 29, 2012

Beautiful, lush, and inspirational orchestral piece driven by rolling piano and a catchy melody. Very upbeat, but also perfect for heartfelt subject matter.

    Every Day is Beautiful   Purchase on iTunes    
Piano | August 23, 2012

Beautiful and yearning solo piano piece about the beauty found in all the small things in life. Perfect for poignant material that needs to convey wonder and emotion, such as films and video games.

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Inspirational | September 19, 2012

A remix of my previous track - A Beautiful World. Catchy Piano combined with a good beat, guitar, and electronic elements. Perfect feel good tune.

A beautiful, inspiring, and patriotic piece perfect great times of joy such as wedding videos, motivational presentations, inspirational videos and more. Features piano, orchestral strings, brass and percussion. Rises to a great and fulfilling climax.

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Inspirational | January 8, 2013

Inspirational track led by a beautiful piano performance. Guitar, bass and drum kit give it a modern feel along with synth and strings.

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Inspirational | November 30, 2012

Easy going corporate track with catchy guitar harmonics and beautiful piano.