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Inspirational | April 28, 2015

A versatile corporate track equally suited for corporate and motivational projects as well as poignant and inspirational projects.

Inspired by my best seller 'A Changing World', 'A Living World' is an optimistic and uplifting track featuring rich strings and beautiful electric guitar. 'A Living World' is perfect for media and subject matter of all types

Inspirational | September 18, 2014

'Miracle of Technology' is a warm corporate/motivational track that uses a variety of acoustic instruments to achieve a unique and interesting feel. Instruments include: piano, celeste, glock, ukulele, harp, marimba, guitar, and pizzicato strings.

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Inspirational | April 7, 2014

'Quiet Cool' is a laid back, chill, relaxing corporate track meant to stay in the background and inspire positive thoughts for the listener. It features beautiful guitar harmonics, rhodes organ, piano, and strings.

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Inspirational | February 13, 2014

'Great Opportunities' is an inspirational corporate track with a cinematic approach. Led by guitar harmonics, joined later by sweeping strings and a driving drum beat.

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Inspirational | February 7, 2014

'Guiding Light' is an upbeat, high energy, and inspirational corporate track. Led by pulsing electric guitar, double bass, piano, and acoustic guitar.

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Inspirational | January 21, 2014

'Spark of Life' is a modern, contemporary, and electronic corporate track perfect for giving your video or presentation a polished and professional feel. 'Spark of Life' begins with guitar harmonics, acoustic and electric guitar, and synth elements. It slowly builds to a full chorus led by a shimmering piano lead.

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Inspirational | January 12, 2014

'A Step Ahead' is an upbeat, high energy, inspirational and cinematic corporate track. Perfect for depicting positive changes in our world using your product or service!

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