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    A Sign of Things to Come   Purchase on iTunes    
Piano | January 13, 2012

A haunting and beautiful piece for solo piano that slowly builds in intensity and complexity. A perfect piece of music to help inspire an emotional reaction.

A beautiful, inspiring, and patriotic piece perfect great times of joy such as wedding videos, motivational presentations, inspirational videos and more. Features piano, orchestral strings, brass and percussion. Rises to a great and fulfilling climax.

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Inspirational | January 18, 2013

High End is a fun, unique, and inspirational track that starts with a catchy piano and strings motif but ends with an over the top, fulfilling climax.

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Inspirational | April 2, 2013

"No Barriers" is an uplifting track that begins soft and sweet but builds up to a dramatic climax. Features piano, electric guitar, and orchestral strings.

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Inspirational | June 27, 2013

Piano driven inspirational piece great for corporate, motivational, and even romantic use.

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Inspirational | June 28, 2013

  Epic     Purchase on iTunes    
Promos/Trailers | April 19, 2014

'Epic' is heroic and rousing piece designed to captivate, thrill, or inspire your audience. What begins with a beautiful and simple piano passage slowly builds into a grand epic with heart-stopping drums, powerful brass, and majestic choir. Look no further than 'Epic' for your next project!

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Inspirational | April 7, 2014

'Quiet Cool' is a laid back, chill, relaxing corporate track meant to stay in the background and inspire positive thoughts for the listener. It features beautiful guitar harmonics, rhodes organ, piano, and strings.