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  An Amazing World     Purchase on iTunes    
Cinematic | April 22, 2013

'An Amazing World' takes you to a place of wonder and majesty. Beauty, drama, and power are all present as the piece starts peacefully with piano, bells, and light strings. Not long after drums and powerful brass join before reaching a grand crescendo with full orchestra, choir, and percussion.

  Ascension     Purchase on iTunes    
Promos/Trailers | June 27, 2013

Powerful, inspiring, cinematic. Perfect for getting your blood pumping!

A solemn piano, choir, and bag pipe opening gradually makes way to a triumphant and epic celebration of a heros return complete with full orchestra lead by French Horns.

  Redemption     Purchase on iTunes    
Cinematic | May 30, 2015

'Redemption' begins with solemn and pensive solo piano before rich strings and woodwinds join to begin a grand build up to a dramatic finish.