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Inspirational | February 14, 2012

Go on a fun little adventure with 'Happy Little Trip', the perfect positive track for marketing your bright ideas or services. Features Piano, guitar, bells, claps and best of all: a catchy melody!

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Inspirational | February 8, 2012

An very bright and bouncy electro orchestral track. The combination of a variety of instruments makes it suitable for many scenes around the world.

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Inspirational | January 26, 2012

A very bouncy, fun and lively piano driven backed by guitar, drums and orchestra. Also features glock, bells, ukulele, claps.

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Inspirational | December 23, 2011

An inspiring and uplifting piano driven track with a clear premise and direction. Perfect for media that needs to convey an idea of wonder, amazement, and positive change.

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Inspirational | November 13, 2011

A wonderful laid back, yet bouncy track that features many interesting instruments such as claps, bells, organ, guitar, piano, strings, drums. The track skips happily along until it climbs up to a wonderful conclusion with an exciting climax. Perfect for advertising campaigns that want a happy and easy going feel.

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Inspirational | November 8, 2011

An upbeat and inspirational track for pop orchestra. Featuring piano, organ. guitar, drums, bells, strings.

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Inspirational | March 11, 2011

An upbeat and sometimes quirky piece about breaking down barriers and achieving your goals. Features beautiful piano, orchestra and strings, and drum kit/drum set. Meant to be uplifting and inspiring for trailers and promos.

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