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Inspirational | November 30, 2012

Easy going corporate track with catchy guitar harmonics and beautiful piano.

Building Success is a positive and motivational track that brings images of teamwork, positivity, and success. This track would be ideal for any business related venture looking for an uplifting and inspirational corporate theme. The piece gradually builds on top of itself until it reaches the climax. The original piano theme ends the track.

A beautiful, inspiring, and patriotic piece perfect great times of joy such as wedding videos, motivational presentations, inspirational videos and more. Features piano, orchestral strings, brass and percussion. Rises to a great and fulfilling climax.

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Inspirational | November 5, 2012

'Modern Technology' is an ear grabbing corporate/tech track made for the purpose of making an impression. In today's world every advantage is needed to be set apart, and 'Modern Technology' does just that.

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Inspirational | October 28, 2012

"Start Anew" is a track about new beginnings and new hope. Features synth, acoustic and electric guitar, orchestral strings, and piano.

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Promos/Trailers | October 10, 2012

Epic, stirring, and unrelenting. Full choir, epic brass, and heavy percussion give this epic trailer music great emotion and power.

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Inspirational | October 2, 2012

Enter a world where anything is possible! Such is the case with 'Endless Possibilites' a magical corporate/tech track with a colorful beat. Driven by pizzicato strings, woodwinds, and bells or celeste.

Inspirational | September 24, 2012

Soaring and inspirational orchestral and electro rock. Features a long rise to an exciting climax.