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Inspirational | September 19, 2012

A remix of my previous track - A Beautiful World. Catchy Piano combined with a good beat, guitar, and electronic elements. Perfect feel good tune.

Inspirational | September 10, 2012

Positive, strong track led with strong piano melody. Perfect for instilling an immediate and effective strong identity. Also features strings and drum beat.

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Piano | August 23, 2012

Beautiful and yearning solo piano piece about the beauty found in all the small things in life. Perfect for poignant material that needs to convey wonder and emotion, such as films and video games.

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Inspirational | August 21, 2012

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Inspirational | August 5, 2012

A happy go lucky and fun track featuring claps, guitar, xylophone, string pizzicato, synth and bells. Perfect for setting a happy mood for motivational animations and videos, Youtube, and commercials.

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Inspirational | July 26, 2012

Epic, inspirational, orchestral piece about overcoming great obstacles. Perfect for the Olympics and other subject matter based on great courage. Features piano, acoustic and electric guitar, orchestra and percussion.

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Inspirational | July 6, 2012

"Will to Succeed" is an inspirational, uplifting, and uptempo orchestral rock tune perfect for conveying a positive and hopeful outlook.It features piano, electric distorted guitar, orchestral strings, drums as well as synth and bells.

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Piano | June 12, 2012

Flowing and pensive solo piano piece with feelings of nostalgia, strength and hope. Inspiring without being over the top. Dreamy yet has a clear melody.