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Inspirational | September 18, 2014

'Miracle of Technology' is a warm corporate/motivational track that uses a variety of acoustic instruments to achieve a unique and interesting feel. Instruments include: piano, celeste, glock, ukulele, harp, marimba, guitar, and pizzicato strings.

  Fragments of War     Purchase on iTunes    
Promos/Trailers | September 12, 2014

Dark, loud, and thrilling, 'Fragments of War' delivers intense action using hybrid electronic and orchestral elements.

  Face of Adversity     Purchase on iTunes    
Promos/Trailers | September 4, 2014

'Face of Adversity' begins with deep and somber piano before being joined by regal horn. Gradually it builds to a heroic climax featuring strings, brass, and choir.

  Vincit Omnia     Purchase on iTunes    
Promos/Trailers | August 6, 2014

Modern trailer scoring at its best! 'Vincit Omnia' begins with a whimsical undertone of winds, harp, and bells and solo voice before quickly building up to a grand and exciting climax featuring pounding drums, bone rattling horn, and chilling choir.

  Outdoors     Purchase on iTunes    
Piano | July 28, 2014

'Outdoors' is a introspective solo piano piece that highlights the beauty of everything outside. Beginning with a simple melody, 'Outdoors' slowly opens up before beautifully reaching its climax.

  Everyday Heroes     Purchase on iTunes    
Cinematic | July 10, 2014

What begins as a sweet and gentle piano melody develops into a sweeping, full orchestral epic - highlighting the incredible things ordinary people rise up and achieve for others every single day.

  Rise     Purchase on iTunes    
Cinematic | July 5, 2014

'Rise' is a modern, inspirational, and emotional track that can give your project a cinematic and contemporary feel. Built around a beautiful piano performance and accompanied by extensive strings, 'Rise' delivers a unique and unforgettable sound.

  Dedication     Purchase on iTunes    
Cinematic | May 14, 2014

'Dedication' begins with a gentle and sweet piano lullaby, but gradually builds to a highly inspirational, sentimental, and dramatic finish. Features piano and violin prominently.