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  An Amazing World     Purchase on iTunes    
Cinematic | April 22, 2013

'An Amazing World' takes you to a place of wonder and majesty. Beauty, drama, and power are all present as the piece starts peacefully with piano, bells, and light strings. Not long after drums and powerful brass join before reaching a grand crescendo with full orchestra, choir, and percussion.

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Promos/Trailers | June 25, 2013

Patriarch is a full orchestra and choir, Hollywood style piece full of power and aventure. Driven by its french horn main theme and military style percussion, Patriarch excels at making an impact.

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Inspirational | June 25, 2013

Introspective, moving, and ultimately inspiring track about becoming content with the things we already have, not what we are working to get. A motivational cinematic orchestral track.

  Ascension     Purchase on iTunes    
Promos/Trailers | June 27, 2013

Powerful, inspiring, cinematic. Perfect for getting your blood pumping!

  Everyday Heroes     Purchase on iTunes    
Cinematic | July 10, 2014

What begins as a sweet and gentle piano melody develops into a sweeping, full orchestral epic - highlighting the incredible things ordinary people rise up and achieve for others every single day.

  Rise     Purchase on iTunes    
Cinematic | July 5, 2014

'Rise' is a modern, inspirational, and emotional track that can give your project a cinematic and contemporary feel. Built around a beautiful piano performance and accompanied by extensive strings, 'Rise' delivers a unique and unforgettable sound.

  Dedication     Purchase on iTunes    
Cinematic | May 14, 2014

'Dedication' begins with a gentle and sweet piano lullaby, but gradually builds to a highly inspirational, sentimental, and dramatic finish. Features piano and violin prominently.

  Syzygy     Purchase on iTunes    
Promos/Trailers | March 14, 2014

syz-y-gy: an alignment of three celestial objects, such as the sun, the earth, and the moon. This is an explosive and epic hybrid cinematic track that mixes classical piano and electronic elements along with booming orchestral elements. Perfect for media that needs music to grab a hold of your audience and never let go.