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  Providence  Providence   Purchase on iTunes    
Cinematic | March 9, 2014

'Providence' begins with a sweet and vulnerable sound featuring piano and winds, but eventually it finds itself in heroic fashion with a grand build up with full orchestra and choir.

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Cinematic | January 29, 2014

What begins as a soft and sweet melody slowly grows and blooms with full orchestral backing. 'Life's Moments' takes you on a heartfelt journey of humble beginnings to a full celebration of life.

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Inspirational | January 12, 2014

'A Step Ahead' is an upbeat, high energy, inspirational and cinematic corporate track. Perfect for depicting positive changes in our world using your product or service!

  This One Life  This One Life   Purchase on iTunes    
Cinematic | November 15, 2013

'This One Life' Is a sweet, sensitive. and uplifting piece for piano and orchestra. It begins soft and gentle, but later continues to build until reaching a grand climax.

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Inspirational | February 13, 2014

'Great Opportunities' is an inspirational corporate track with a cinematic approach. Led by guitar harmonics, joined later by sweeping strings and a driving drum beat.

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Cinematic | September 25, 2013

Coalescence is a cinematic piece that begins dreamy and relaxed but builds until it reaches a satisfying level of adventure and inspiration.

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Cinematic | September 16, 2013

Peaceful, beautiful piano piece that slowly builds to a grand climax with backing from the orchestra, percussion and choir.

  A Childs Imagination  A Childs Imagination   Purchase on iTunes    
Cinematic | September 23, 2014

'A Child's Imagination' is a look into the wonderful mind of a child, full of imagination and wonder. Beginning with dreamy pads and piano, it slowly builds with ambition into the unknown before reaching a grand climax.