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| March 18, 2015

'Living Hope' is an optimistic and cinematic piece made for the purpose of inspiring. Beginning with beautiful piano and bells the piece builds until soaring woodwinds and sweeping violins allow the music to fully open up.

Riveting, exciting, thrilling, The Last Kingdom will give your production the energy and power to stand out. Features brilliant orchestra and choir that sets the stage for epic media of all types.

Cinematic | March 28, 2015

Imagine a life as a swashbuckler on the high seas, facing adventure and danger everyday. Thats exactly the type of spirit A Life of Adventure depicts with its sweeping orchestral themes.

'Epic Cinematic Trailer' is a big, heroic track comprised of over the top percussion, string runs, and pulsing brass that attempts to create a sound on the same level as a hollywood box office film.

  Redemption     Purchase on iTunes    
Cinematic | May 30, 2015

'Redemption' begins with solemn and pensive solo piano before rich strings and woodwinds join to begin a grand build up to a dramatic finish.

  A New Age     Purchase on iTunes    
Promos/Trailers | July 16, 2015

'A New Age' begins with a solemn, thoughtful, yet uplifting tone before taking a breather and opening up to a full sound featuring huge pounding drums, powerful brass, and intense choirs.

  Helping Hands     Purchase on iTunes    
Cinematic | July 14, 2015

'Helping Hands' is a beautiful and inspiring piece perfect for precious moments as well as times of great joy and celebration such as wedding videos, motivational presentations, emotional and inspirational videos and more.